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Author: Jay Wilburn

Go For It!

FacebookTwitter Jay Wilburn discusses finding your purpose, pursuing your dreams, following your passions, finding your calling, and taking a leap of faith. Find out how that process worked out in his life and how it might apply to...

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A Year of Recovery

FacebookTwitter Host Jay Wilburn and Erik Bomboy, his living donor, sit down for a conversation on the day of the 5k they ran together on the one year anniversary of the kidney transplant. They discuss a year of recovery, running the race, and what the day was like from the perspective of a marathon runner and from the experience of a new runner’s first 5k. A lot to learn from a year of “running the...

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Why Running is the Worst Thing Ever

I never in my life wanted to run. Never! People joke that they would only run if someone was chasing them. My thought was I wouldn’t even run then. They’d obviously catch me and then I’d be too tired to fight. Never trusted runners. Comedians joke that joggers are the ones always finding the bodies. My thought is, what did that runner do in their lives that they have to constantly train for being chased. I’m just saying, I’m not fond of running in theory or in practice. In 2016, I was moving into end stage renal failure. As...

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15 Barriers to Perseverance

Perseverance is a terribly important character trait for making it through life. We need it for the day to day challenges which seem determined to ruin our schedules and to steal our joy. And we need it for the long-term struggles every individual and family must face. Perseverance unfortunately is a hard-earned trait. Like patience or Olympic level gymnastics, it requires a lot of work and development. There are endless barriers between us and our goals in life. These barriers are often the things which break us down, derail us, and stop us from developing the perseverance we need...

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